Percival Lafer

Percival Lafer has got to be my favorite furniture designer, I mean on my God, he makes my gay man come out. Everytime I see one of his pieces I freak out. They are breathtaking, once you see his stuff or even buy a piece you love for his work will only deepen. He has truly left an amazing impression on the world and has inspired so many modern designers. About 4 years ago my girlfriend begged me to buy one of his brown leather couches with the brazilian hand crafted wood frame. It has leather straps that go underneath of the cushion to create a very comfortable seat, you sink down into the couch and you never want to leave. The reason this couch ever came into our lives was because it was the only stylish couch that would fit in our tiny little apartment in topanga canyon.

Soon after we bought the couch I bought two of these leather chairs that are listed below with a matching coffee table. OMG they are amazing, I picked them up for $1900 and sold them for $4000. And even when I sold them it was really painful. At the time we didn’t have room in our house, but now they would be perfect, and I mean Perfect. The light leather finish with just enough wear to give them that perfect worn in look to make your house look like a rock star’s pad. Well if you want to be a rock star you gotta style yourself out to look like one. Check out the video I posted below just to see how amazing these chairs are.