Modern Design Chair

Welcome to our site! We are a group of vintage collectors from all over the world now living in southern california. Most of us live in Los Angeles, mostly in Venice and on the east side in Silverlake. We started this website for multiple reasons but the main one is the love we have for mid century modern furniture. In our opinion there was never a better time on this planet than the 50s, 60s and 70s. Some of us are holding onto the memories and some of us are trying to remember if we ever lived in those times, and then some of the young guns in the group knew at some point they had an important part in this time.

You will find us at every flea market, estate sale, garage sale, vintage store, vintage show, and yes we will be bidding against you on ebay and etsy. I really find the best of the best you have to be searching 24/7 it feels like. And now a days there is so much competition out there. People everyday are realizing that most things built after 1979 are for the most part junk. All of the old furniture you find can be repaired, refinished, re painted, and re sold. You hardly ever see an old danish wood chair on the side of the road in the dumpster pile, just me it is sweet when you do, but you always see ikea desk chairs, and coffee tables lining the streets of LA.

It is our job as artists, purists, designers, and visionaries to preserve this beautiful part of our history. You can spot a designer percival lafer leather chair from a mile away. No one has ever made anything like it. I have 3 of his pieces in my house. The upside to buying mid century furniture is that it will only go up in value. My girlfriend educated me on this many years ago. Yes you can buy a couch for $300 that is a fake or look alike, or you can spend $3000 and if you ever decide to sell it you can make money on it, rather than having to give the $300 couch away because no one wants to buy it.

Let’s just say I have learned to appreciate it. There is so much love and life in vintage pieces. Just think about who could have owned it at one time. Maybe Jim Morrison slept on it one night after a doors concert. Janis Joplin could have smoked a cigarette while writing a hit with her leg propped up on the matching coffee table. You just never know, that leather couch has seen a lot of good times for sure. A lot more than your Wal-Mart couch that came straight from sweatshop. There is true art in what these pieces are and they inspire you to create weather you know it or not.